Synopsis & Timing

Growing confidence in the track of Major Hurricane Dorian well east (75-100 miles) east of the northeast FL coast.

  • Nearly all of our guidance shows such a track well to our east. Most substantial impacts are expected along the immediate coast and coastal waters, with lesser impacts inland.
  • Some storm surge likely along entire coast along with wave action.
  • Rough surf with large battering waves expected along the coastline.
  • Winds or gusts to near hurricane force possible over beaches and coastal waters, with tropical-storm-force gusts possible over eastern counties.
  • Latest guidance yields increasing confidence in a forecast track for Dorian northward 75- 100 miles east of the FL East Coast.
  • Although offshore, Dorian would still yield a threat of very strong winds and some storm surge along the coastline.
  • Some uncertainty still exists in Dorian’s track. Any westward shift back near or over the FL east coast would increase impacts for the eastern counties of NE Florida/SE Georgia.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Watches and Warnings In Effect

POSTED: 09-03-19 | 9:25 hrs