It’s that time of the year again with September being the start of Hurricane season

Should this effect us in Waycross

Bottom line is we should keep an eye on this one, but fingers crossed all should be OK, but don’t quote us.

What should we be doing

  • For those of you that have generators it would be a good idea to fire them up and make sure all is working, not necessarily for this hurricane but the ones that are sure to follow
  • Check that you have batteries for torches, radios and the like
  • Get some propane in for any grills in case the power goes out
  • Stock up with some bottled water
  • Check your property for anything loose, or in need of a simple repair now rather than the wind damage it and cost more
  • Get the grass cut now before the rain comes, better now than it be a jungle although it’s not life threatening

Good news is that we should be OK for this one, but it never hurts to be prepared!

POSTED: 09-10-18 | 16:00 hrs