Synopsis & Timing

A complex area of low pressure will develop over the Gulf today with heavy rainfall and severe weather possible today into this evening. Later this morning into the early afternoon the greatest risk of severe weather should be from the Trenton area northeast into Gainesville and Jacksonville. By late afternoon a strong low level jet moving off of the Gulf near Crystal River to Daytona Beach, may cause some thunderstorms to rotate with the greatest chance of tornadoes south of a line from the Ocala area northeast to St Augustine. This will be a very dynamic system and interests in that portion of our area of responsibility must remain alert for possible warnings this afternoon into this evening.

Heavy rainfall of 2 to 3 inches is expected to exacerbate the flooding problems across the forecast area and especially in areas already in flood.

On Friday the low pressure area will be moving to our north but will be extremely intense for this time of year. We are looking at a strong westerly flow across the area on Friday with occasional gusts to gale force possible in the port facilities. Objects on docks and possible missile hazards should be secured as soon as possible to avoid damage or injury.

POSTED: 12-20-18 | 9:00 hrs