At this time this is not an alert but more for information

Well it looks like it’s coming our way, but thankfully a lot can happen in 4 days!


  1. Remember to be prepared, (see below)
  2. We will be having more traffic in town, and they won’t know the area
  3. Think of anyone locally who can’t get out of their house as they don’t have a car, ill or elderly, they could do with a call to see if they need anything

Recommended Preparedness Actions for Florida & Southeast Georgia

  • Monitor this site and/or the latest official forecast: and
  • Ensure your supply kits are stocked.
  • Review your family‚Äôs hurricane plan.

Build a Kit list for Hurricane Preparedness


Latest update on Hurricane Irma


POSTED: 09-07-17 | 10:00 hrs